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Road trippin’! LJD kicks on Route 66. Where are you going?

Hi There!

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Luke, who happens to have an ASD diagnosis, is a Laguna Beach artist who provides the inspiration and original art behind each LJD product.  I’m a Neurodiversity Family Life Coach and artist with experience in retail, education, marketing, tech, design and, most importantly, motherhood.
We view ASD, autism, ADHD, anxiety and all neurodivergent diagnoses as differences, unique qualities and often, quite frankly, superpowers -- not disabilities. A goal of LJD is to help eliminate the labels and stigmas for everyone. Simply put: A diagnosis does not define aautism, art, autism business, special needs, special needs family coach, autism artist, asd, neurodiverse, neurodivergent artist, adhd, Laguna Beach, skate shoes, surf, music festival, custom kicks, custom sneakers, custom design, sneakers, kicks, apparel, women's apparel, men's apparel, kids apparel, cats, cat, cat lover, feline, clothing collection, custom design, original art, Laguna Beach, beach, travel, fashion, urban art, street art, art clothing, designer person. 
How LJD Came To Be: The pandemic was hard on all of us. For Luke, and a lot of people like him, the isolation was particularly disconcerting. In At the start Covid, Luke, LBHS Class of 2020, was just beginning to sprout some social esteem. He had a part in the upcoming school play, and was eager to graduate. Then, a week before the school show's premiere, lockdown. This took a hefty toll as Luke became rather depressed and isolated. What to do? We got creative, and Luke Johnson Designs was born. LJD was conceived as a vehicle to build Luke's self-esteem and provide and avenue towards independence. Ultimately we'd like to open this up to other neurodivergent or ASD, ADHD young artists and entrepreneurs so they too can discover their superpowers.

Luke, who is half English, was raised on the California coast. He grew up immersed in art, the waves and Dr. Who. He is known for his fantastical, colorful illustrations and paintings inspired by nature, anime, science fiction, contemporary art - and his love of cats! 🐱 😺 And, like so many of the world’s outstanding people, Luke's autism spectrum diagnosis is truly a perk when it comes to out-of-the-box creativity. Luke's been illustrating fantastical fashion, cool kicks and impressive imagery since childhood. It’s his happy place.  

We’re excited to share some of his magical passion with you through our quality-tested, sustainably-sourced, fabulous, colorful and fun apparel.

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Our goal is your delight.



Young ASD Adults: For someone with an ADHD, ASD, depression or any other neurodiverse attribute, the challenges in today’s world can feel especially overwhelming. There's a lot of change happening quite quickly. Our institutions and safety nets are being challenged. 

A particularly challenging time for those with a neurodiverse diagnosis is during young adulthood. Even with the best of intentions from professionals, educators and loved ones, these young people have often inadvertently been "othered." In an effort to promote inclusion and awareness, well-meaning educations and family members have learned all they can about those who are uniquely wired. Labels came with that understanding. For a while it seemed rather trendy to have an "autism" label, for instance. (Not a great thing tbh.)  But sometimes in order to gain awareness, we as humans sometimes have to go all in - practically shouting it from the streets - in order to be seen, and then accepted. (Those fighting for gay marriage and LGBTQ rights are a case in point.)

An unintended consequence is feeling the spotlight screaming "Different!" "Different!" "Different!" at a time when all you want to do is fit in.

Well, we say let's flip that on its head. Why would anyone want to fit in? Why fit in when you were born to stand out? We all have gifts to share. It's why we are here. 


Celebrate Your Neurodiverse Qualities!


Another unfortunate fact is that unemployment remains high for those on the spectrum. This is everyone's loss because there’s so much brilliance among those who are considered “neurodiverse,” or "autistic." Just consider the millions of unique actors, artists, scientists, business leaders, developers, writers, musicians, creators of all stripes who have made this world more magnificent. The list is endless…. The talent immeasurable. Are you ready to share your gift? It's your turn!

Warning: Neurodiversity can lead to magnificence. Let’s light it up!

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Love your artsy swag. Love yourself.


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