Collection: Purrr! SammieTheCat™ Original Art Sneakers n Stuff for Original People

Discover the iconic world of SammieTheCat™ 2023 in our exclusive collection of custom kicks and art apparel! Pounce into style with LJD’s original designs that celebrate the neurodiverse community. Based on Laguna Beach artist Luke Johnson's beloved feline, Sammie, these custom kicks are purrrr fun! From designer canvas high tops to trendy apparel for the whole family, we’ve got something for everyone. Embrace sustainability as all our products are thoughtfully sourced, making a positive impact on the environment. And all of our designs are based on the original artwork of amazing neurodivergent artists.

With a touch of whimsy and creative flair, our cat-inspired sneakers and apparel are the perfect way to add some feline charm to your life. Whether you’re an avid cat lover or seeking a unique gift idea, our collection is bound to delight. By choosing LJD, you become a part of a movement that supports the autism business community and celebrates the individuality of every person - because you are a masterpiece! Purrr-fectly blend fashion and art, and step confidently into the world of SammieTheCat™.
Why fit in when you were born to stand out?